Falling for the Fall

I so CANNOT wait for the Fall to finally arrive!! YAY for fall weather! Officially our summer has ended this past Tuesday and Yesterday at like 11:09 E.D.T(Eastern Daylight Time) our Fall Equinox began. How exciting huh? The other evening I was driving around and I stopped at my local Starbucks and got me a warm drink. I usually get my cold, ice coffee (unsweetened). But that evening, I felt for something nice and warm and so ahhhh. Well, I scanned the menu, and I felt like I was standing there so LONG! So I ask my barista what would she recommend I should get? She said the white chocolate mocha is one of her favs. So I got that with extra foam, non-fat, decaf (didn’t have to be up all night!) and I sat down with my Kindle put one package of splenda and I was in la la land 🙂 see the thing is, I am such a creature of habit! I walk in to my other local Starbucks by my work and they all know my drink. (Grande, ice coffee, unsweetened, with half and half and a splash of sugar free vanilla) but that evening I kinda felt like a rebel! Ordering something totally different and actually sitting there and reading my Kindle and not paying any attention to how packed it was or that I was all loner. It felt so good to be a loner! Seriously, I come and go whenever I want. I order anything my little heart desires. I can sit there for two minutes or two hours if I fancy. And I did! I sat there for almost two hours reading this amazing book that has me so emotional right now! I will most definitely blog about my love of books later. Promise.

This time of the year is one of my favorites. I can go for an evening walk with my sweater and still feel the cold air hitting my face. But living in beautiful So. Cal we don’t always get to feel all the seasons. Like this past summer, it was weird. Because it wasn’t blazing hot until perhaps, the middle of August and even then it was for like a week or so. This is why I have always, always wanted to live in New York. Seriously. I know I love being a California girl but every movie I see that is in NY I get a little jealous because they get the fall and see them walking and hanging out at Central Park(and then going to Central Perk! ha! had to throw that in there!) then their winter comes and WOW!! talk about having a white Christmas. I sometimes still wear my rainbows around Thanksgiving! Yup! Well, I could sport my rainbows anytime of the year! But still! But this is why its so darn expensive to live here. Everyone likes it here! Hello Disneyland! Just having that and we are golden. So I can’t wait till we get those cute little pumpkins at work. Yes, I always get them. Like a few of them. Not for Halloween or anything, I just enjoy the fall.

I thank God for all the seasons He gives us. He is so amazing! I mean He gave us all those wonderful seasons for us to harvest and to enjoy. And He created all this for us, that’s right, for you and me. One of my favorite Psalms is “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” psalm 37:4


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