A little more

When I came to the Lord back in March of ’05, I was listening to this Christian artist by the name of Shawn McDonald. I even went to see him live in concert and he was so awesome! Shawn wrote this particular song called ” A little more”. Here are the lyrics. “Just the other day went walking down to the corner and I saw a man, Sitting with a cup in his hand Saying, “Hey won’t you give me something Won’t you give me something to eat?” I took a look into his eyes and I saw he had a story to tell, But I walked away with my pockets full, full of change And I said, “I got nothing for you” It’s time to confess that I need a little more. Jesus inside of me, Jesus inside of me. Don’t you see, Jesus was homeless Walking from city to city Teaching people how to love Giving them grace and mercy…” When I heard this song for the first time, I must have had it on my playlists for like two years! I still love it. See, this particular song really speaks to my little heart. Every single time, I come across a homeless person this song comes to mind. I get all anxious, and tongue tide and rush to my car and I try NOT to make eye contact. Then I sit in the car and feel so horrible!

Fast forward to this evening. I clocked out at 9:05 and grabbed some last minute things we needed to eat during the week. Then I totally forgot I had to get gas. I had that little red light on since I left my house eight hours ago so I HAD to get gas. Went to the gas station down the street from work, went inside so I can also grab some Diet Coke. Went to pump gas totally thinking about everything that I is due next week for my classes and about the awesome time I am going to have with all my friends that I really have not seen in ages. Then, this young guy comes over to me. His eyes looked so sad and desperate. He said his car isn’t working that well and he needs gas and he has no money. I said right away, “No, I am sorry but I have no cash on me.” He said thank you anyhow. Then I remembered I had my emergency gas money in my car ash tray. All was left was $2 and lots of change! I ran to give it to him but he was gone! Just like that! I felt so bad. I honestly wanted to cry. I just sat in my car and prayed for him. I felt like God was giving me another chance to see others the way He does. I started to drive and saw him! He was sitting on the curb with his head down. I shouted at him and then I went over and gave him whatever change I had. He was so thankful. I even offered to buy him some coffee at The Coffee Bean but he said no. I told him how much Jesus loves him and that I will be praying for him. He said thank you and went to put gas in his car. I was so happy driving home! I started to think how good I have it! I’m serious, I mean I never have to wonder where my next meal would be or if I would have a nice warm bed to sleep. Never. I thank God for all He has blessed me with. I pray that Jesus can keep opening my eyes. That He will keep speaking to my heart. Keep pouring His love and His grace.

Here is the end of the song, “Now, Jesus was a friend to the friendless. Loving on all the outcasts, Teaching them that there was more, More than what they’re living for. Don’t you see, if you do not learn love, Then you will be completely nothing. You could be absolutely amazing But you would be nothing.”


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