hope, Jesus, Toms

I didn’t want to miss a day of not blogging, but here is the BIG but yesterday was such a challenging day. I was glad to put it to rest at 12:30am. I had school like all day till the evening, and then my evening class was cancelled because the power went out! It was this heat we have been having! Unbearable, heat. It was 113 in the afternoon, but only here in lovely California is our first week of fall and we are in this record breaking heat wave! Record breaking. So much for having my fall weather! So, I called my friend and asked her is she wanted to enjoy the AC with me at the mall. It was lovely. Oh, and I finally purchased my TOMS shoes! I am so excited about this. check out the website http://www.toms.com. It is such a great thing, you buy a pair of shoes and a child that gets a pair for free. A child that really, really needs one! Such a great cause.


You know things like this always stir something up in my heart. It is such cool idea. I honestly, think if you don’t get involved in helping others then you wont get to experience all the blessings that God has. Like when I use to go to Mexico with my church a couple of years ago. We went every third weekend of the month and when everyone got back, we were all a little different. You can just tell in everyone’s faces that God was doing a work in each of our hearts. For the people we would serve and pray for in Mexico. It was such an awesome experience. When you help others, you feel that much closer to Jesus. I know I did. You are the one getting blessed. We are sharing with others our hope. The hope of Jesus. In Romans 5:5, “Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” I have praying and asking God to lead me and helping others. You might be helping someone by just calling that friend that needs someone to talk to. If we do it all His name, it wont fail.

I have lots of paper writing to do this week, and homework to catch up on. But I will try my best to blog my little heart out in a few more days. I am making a list of all the my faves for this week. Okay, maybe for this month 🙂


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