random thoughts for today

I am sitting here in the Kitchen table trying very hard to stay focus and get this paper done. But it is NOT working. Our Chicano studies professor has given us more days to finish this paper. It was due tomorrow. But now he gave us the weekend and it’s due Monday. I am very grateful for that. Now I just have to put all my little thoughts together into a couple of pages and make it sound like I am really honestly interested and intrigued with my class textbook. It’s actually a pretty good book. It’s mainly about how we Chicanos have fought for equal rights for so long and some other interesting stuff that I know I should know by now, and I do, it is just not appealing to me right now. Maybe I might be getting sick. Horrible. I haven’t been sick since last year around December I think. I don’t usually get sick. And when I do, man do I ever!

Well, it’s probably because I was hanging out with one of my friends these past couple of days and she is sick, now. Great. We have been going over her resume and I was helping her since she does not own a computer or netbook. WE-IR-DO!! I always kid around with her on that. Her family still has the dial up connection. Yes, DIAL UP! What the heck. I know. told you, WE-IR-DO! So we would sit at Starbucks with my netbook and go over her resume. And just talk about work, and clothes, and books and family. You know, since I became a Christian five years ago, my non-Christian friends are no longer around. Sad. Because I still miss them. I think about them when I certain song comes on, or when I go eat at a certain place that we all went. In fact, my friend since 4th grade, today is her birthday. I text her and wished her a Happy Bday. And that I missed her and loved her. And I do. I pray for her and her family, her husband, (that deleted me from his FB friends). We have not seen each other since last July. She texted me for my bday this year. We probably wont text each till Thanksgiving comes or Christmas. I have a peace about that, now. I would pray that God would open doors so I could go and see her and talk to her and just be her friend again. But it never happen. So, I sorta let that go for now. I think praying is all I can do for her right now.

My other friend. (the one that got me sick and with no computer) she is at times defensive when it comes to me sharing my faith with her. She comes from a Catholic background, so her religious views are, very different and to tell you the truth I don’t understand them. I wasn’t raised anything. No Catholic upbringing, or Christian for that matter. My dad was a Catholic growing up, he still knows all the Hail Marys. And he has his Mother’s rosary and knows those prayers. But I never saw my dad pray, or go to church until five years ago when I started taking him to my church and talking and sharing with him about Jesus. And my mom was a Christian since she was 15, but her walk with God wasn’t the way it is now. She says she was reborn again! I have taken my friend to church and two crusades. She knows where I am with God and at times she is somewhat uncomfortable with it, but she does not say anything to me about it. She just does not understand my relationship with Jesus. I don’t expect her to. Before I came to know my Savior I had no clue what Christianity even meant. Truthfully no one really shared their faith with me. (more on that on later blogs) When we go to eat she would joke and say she wants to order an alcoholic beverage. I look at her and tell her to go ahead, don’t mind me. Then she looks over the “drinks” and puts the menu down and doesn’t order it, and I don’t say anything about it. I will have a Diet Coke please, lots of ice.

I don’t go out with my co-workers. None of them are Christians. But their lifestyle and the way they look at the world is just not the way I do. I would go out to lunch with two of them, we have talked about it before, it just has not happen yet. I am praying it does, so I can share my faith with them, outside of work. I understand that I need to have more non-Christian friends. I cannot just surround myself with Christians in our Jesus bubble and pretend to not care about the matters of this world. In Matthew 28:19 Jesus clearly tell us, “Therefore go out and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son, and Holy Spirit”. The word “Disciple” means someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another. They have to believe it first. And that is NOT my job. Or your job. This is the Holy Spirits job. To bring conviction and repentance to that person’s heart. I can only plant, or water the seeds. I am not their to preach to my co-workers or to my friends. My walk with Jesus isn’t just my fish sticker on my car. It’s MY life. MY actions. MY lifestyle. The choices I make. They may not see Jesus at a church, but I am praying that they see His love, His kindness, His compassion, and His grace in me.

Well, those are my thoughts for this Hot, muggy, Thursday afternoon. I just took some Dayquil and been drinking my weight in water, I refuse to get sick. On a side note, my mom has been on vacation for like a month now, and she has another one to go. I am excited because I hardly ever see her. Only on weekends or maybe a random Friday night when I come home some what early from work. She is home. Making yummy dinner for us, and just taking care of her family. Thank you Jesus for momma’s….everywhere.


2 thoughts on “random thoughts for today

  1. Erika says:

    Hi Carol!

    Just browsing your blog. I hope you don’t get sick. It made me a little sad because I know your friend, but I’m glad you are at peace with it. Hope all is well.

    BTW….did u buy something at the mall?

    • Carol says:

      Hi Erika! Thanks for visiting my new blog. I hope I don’t get sick 2! With this heat. Not a good combination! So yeah I do have peace about that part in my life. I get sad to, believe me. But u know the Lord knows what’s in our hearts even before we do. It’s all in His hands. Oh n I got me some TOMS shoes at the mall. They are so comfy and go with everything. You buy a pair and a child in need also get a pair. Awesome thing! It was nice seeing you guys. Your daughter is seriously, such a cutie pie 🙂

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