the things I enjoy

It’s officially October 1. YAY! I wanted to blog at least for this entire month. That would be sweet. It’s late and yes, I am sitting again in the Kitchen with the netbook and writing this darn paper! So glad it’s due Monday and not tomorrow. (or in 11 hours) I just wanted to take a little paper writing brake, and blog. I really enjoy lots of things in my life right now. Let me see….

I enjoy to see my dad and mom pray in Spanish together.
I enjoy to hear my doggie Coco Channel sleep, she snores so cute!
I enjoy to take pictures of random things. Seriously, I will upload the pics from my phone on here. They are ALL random.
I enjoy being surrounded by lots, of talking, laughing and great company on any given day.
I enjoy to read anywhere, really. Anywhere. I read on the treadmill, I read in bed, I read in the car, I read in the kitchen (okay NOT the bathroom cuz that is GROSS!) I read on the couch while everyone is watching this exciting and cool movie, I am there with my Kindle and my Kindle light reading. I read at work in the office. (on my break, of course)
I enjoy all different kinds of music. Right now I CANNOT get enough of Harry Connick Jr. His voice, it’s just good music to my ears!
I enjoy reading my Bible in the morning, and then at night. Everyday. And sometimes, I read the same pages, the same scriptures, and they are totally different from one moment to the next.
I enjoy to pray for others. I should do it more. Lots more.
I enjoy talking to God. All day. Everyday. About anything really. Not just my prayers.
I enjoy ice cream, coffee flavor on a sugar cone. OH YUM!
I enjoy Mangos. On anything. All the time. They are the BEST fruit. Period.
I enjoy being single, but hey when God brings me my beautiful Jesus loving husband, ADIOS single life 😉
I enjoy going for a good walk in the morning. It totally makes my day.
I enjoy my Starbucks. Hey who doesn’t like a good cup of joe?!
I enjoy looking at tech sites to find out the news about new and upcoming gadgets. I am a N-E-R-D at heart.
I enjoy life. Because I am in love with Jesus. He is the ONLY one that puts a smile on my face and gives me His love for others. “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4


2 thoughts on “the things I enjoy

  1. Monica P says:

    I enjoy mangos, to it is prob my fav! And did you know that starbucks wants to get rid of their wifi because they think that they are losing money on people who go sit there all day with their laptops and order one cup of coffee.. I think that they will lose business.. I love ice cream to, but cant eat any of it right now.. I am glad that you enjoy your singleness and are waiting on the Lord for Him to bring you that perfect person.. And I wish I had a heart to read like you.. it is hard for me but I try Lord knows I try!!!

    Great Blog.. Love you sis!

  2. Carol says:

    What! U serious that Starbucks would get rid of their free wi-fi! Not cool if they do. and this is why we are such great sisters in Jesus. you enjoy mangos like me!! Love u sis thank u for reading my blog. give Ash n Caleb my love 🙂

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