grey today, gone tomorrow!

I have exactly and hour and 20 mins to blog before Oct 2 comes to an end! I was working like ALL day it felt like. I was thinking and praying about what should I write about tonight. Well, I have been feeling a little melancholy for a bit today. I usually have an up beat personality for the most part. Unless, I am just tired and hungry, and that does not count because everyone gets that way.

Well, it all began on Wed afternoon, there I was doing some research for my paper that was due soon and reading some articles and all of a sudden I got totally distracted. I started to get sleepy and I was messing with my hair and got out my little clinique mirror and thought, oh wow with this light coming in to the library I can pluck my eyebrows, so there I was plucking away. So then, that was done, I was looking at my hair color in the lovely light of course and thinking I should get it done…someday. Then out of no where…I found them! Yes, I said them, meaning plural more than ONE! Two grey hairs!! I was just speechless. I was with out speech. (from Seinfeld) Seriously, I must have stared at them for like 5 mins. That is a long time for just looking at two grey hairs with a tiny clinique mirror, leaning sideways so I can get enough light, so I can see if I had more. I didn’t see any. But I was kinda bummed about having them. And just that morning someone asked me for my age. I had to stop and think. I almost said 32. Because that was the last time someone actually asked me and not just assumed my age. 34. I said. They looked rather surprised. Some thought late 20″s. Others thought not older than 24. (buying them Starbucks cards on next pay check!)

I know I shouldn’t be bummed, lots of my friends have told me they already had their share of greys. So I started looking at the bright side of my little treasures that I found and asking God to help me deal with this and not be all emo about it. Well, for starters I know it is so true when they say the older you get the wiser you are! I mean if I would have known ten years ago what I know NOW, wow! My life would be so different. But it’s okay, because God wanted me here at this particular time, and this very moment blogging and sharing my life on the world wide web. (wow now I do feel old!!) I have made many choices in my life. Some great and some not.

Jesus came into my heart when I was 28. Not 18, or 15. He chose me at that age, for what ever reason. In the Bible it says that, “We love, because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19 Jesus already has my life all planned out for me. For you. He knew what He was doing that night back in February, a week after Valentine’s day. He knew how sad, hurt and how painful my break up was to someone that I spent eight years of my life with. Someone that I thought I was actual going marry and have a family with. God knew the exact moment on that Sunday in March during second service that my Pastor was going to give message that humbled me and got me to my knees at that very moment. I honestly believe with all my heart that God has His hand on everything (and still does). He has a plan for me. Did you get that? God has a- plan-for-me! God. The Creator of the Universe actually cares about my life and has a plan for it! One of my favorite scriptures come from Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” I have so many questions to ask Jesus when I see Him, one day. But for now. I know He counts ALL the hairs on my head, even the grey ones 🙂


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