mini pumpkins, and no lights


Today was such a crazy day! And to tell you the truth I am so glad it is over…almost. I went to school my usual on Mondays and it was raining so that was interesting. Didn’t want to mess up my new Toms in the rain so I was using my old chucks…n those are not water proof let me tell you.

So I get home because I was cold and hungry and with a slight headache coming on. And I was going to put the finishing touches on my midterm paper that is due tonight at midnight. I get home and mom is making my fave soup…cocido! YUM! It’s just loaded with lots of veggies and some meat and it is just BOMB! Then I go to finally start on my paper and our power goes out! It went out all over our block. I was freaking out because my paper was saved on my desktop here at home with no power. I rush to my local Starbucks to use their WiFi and start again. I didn’t want to go back to school because our library is super packed at that hour and parking is not so great. For like 4 hours I typed out my paper….again. I was tempted to just email my prof and let him know about my situation. But its all MY fault for turning in my stuff all at the last minute. But giving myself the benefit of the doubt I was almost done with it….almost.

Well that was my little crazy day. On a much happier note, I get home and my parentals are sitting in the living room with candles everywhere listening to some worship and just talking. Walking into to that made my day so much better. See we may think we have it all planned out but God always has a better plan for us. He is just awesome that way. I know at the beginning of this power outage I was not a happy camper. But God spoke to my heart and I realized He has this all under control. Oh and I almost forgot. I finally got my little pumpkins for October. Yay for mini pumpkins 🙂


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