Tweet this and FB that!

So it’s FRIDAY! Yup! FRIDAY 🙂 actually I should be more excited when it’s SATURDAY! because Sat’s are MY FRIDAYS!! YAY! does that make sense? I work on Fri, and Sat but I am usually off on Sun’s and Mondays because of my school schedule. You see why I say Saturdays are my Fridays 🙂 I am off on Sundays, every Sunday because its and my day to rest. I have church in the morning and I usually go to the evening service at my other local church, but lately I have been cramming all my homework and studying and getting ready for the week on that evening. But I am going to try my very best to make it out this Sunday evening to my church or the one that is like 5 mins away. They are both Bible teaching churches so I am blessed to live in this country that we are free to go to any church and pray to any god, (see, I didn’t capitalize god on purpose) because there is only one God. ELOHIM, EL SHADDAI, ADONAI, JEHOVAH, YAHWEH! Enough said.

This week is almost over and boy was a little hectic! First, with our power outage that lasted for more than 24 hrs until good old Edison came to rescue at 3am till we had power!! Then I open my eyes at like 5am and all the lights were on! YAY! for the light and NOT the dark. Honestly, it wasn’t so bad. Besides not having my pc on all the time and me being on it doing homework, or emailing classmates, or FBing and Tweeting away, it was nice to not do that one night. I know I have it on my phone, but the web makes my battery die a lot faster. So, I actually came home from work and talked with the parentals. It was nice. But it got me thinking how now in 2010 we are so plugged in to everything at once. It’s a little crazy at times! But we are so use to it. I know there is a generation that will always think we had a Facebook. Like they would think, “OMG, what did they, (meaning u and me) did w/out FB?” or without texting or sending out Tweets to strangers all day. I was a little on edge and thinking what if they don’t fix our power tomorrow? Then what would I do? I already had it planned out to go to the library and hibernate there and use their free wi-fi until they kicked me out! I find it that I always have to be plugged in to something. Like right now, I have six windows open, FB, Twitter, my online course, Amazon,, my other favorite blog site, oh and this one! So 7! YIKES!! and it the background I have my itunes listening to Jars of Clay and have my Tweetdeck hiding in the back of that. And, this is the weirdest thing, If I don’t have all those things running I feel like I am missing out on something. I know, obsession is more like!

You see with all these new ways to stay social, by using all these cool social networking sites. We tend to forget (*when i say we, nine times out of ten I mean ME) the One who actually cares about what I am going to eat for lunch today or if I had a bad day or got stuck in traffic, has always been there. No need to have wi-fi to connect to Him. No need to send a friend request or ask to get His tweets to follow Him. He is already there, just waiting for you. To connect with you. To just love you. I know I take it for granted at times. I am praying that I don’t take Him for granted. For all He has done. And all that He is doing in my life. At least I know, this one friend request is already answered and He will never ignore me or hide my posts! He wants to hear from me, He actually likes it 🙂 how awesome is that?!

‘Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in Him.” 1 John 2:15


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