how big is your storm?

You know it’s funny how sometimes even if I read my Bible every morning and pray, I have my days that I honestly feel like God isn’t even listening to me. Then I get sad. Because I know He is. He always is. I am so relieved that God doesn’t base my emotions on how much I do love Him. I have my moments. And these past days have been a struggle. Just with everything. Not just one thing in particular. I just feel at times very overwhelmed. I had all the feelings I think humanly possible to have in one week. Yes, ONE week. I was sad, upset, angry, depressed, nervous, anxious, happy, excited. I know, weird! Oh there is another one…I felt weird! Seriously. I found this video on youtube. It’s pretty cool. It totally spoke to my heart right now.

‘Follow through the storms of life” Matthew 8:23-27
p.s. God is BIGGER than any storm I have!! YAY 🙂


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