read & reading part II

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I know it’s been almost a week since I haven’t blogged and I don’t know what on earth happen with the time. Well, MY time. Last week came and went and I was kicking myself for not blogging about my lovely reading list that I am recommending. I will try not to add so many books at once. I think I will do another blog (part III) in the future. But if you enjoy reading as much as I do, then YAY!! (they are in no particular order)

Crazy Love by Francis Chan
This book has made me look at my faith, my God, my love for others so differently. It’s radical thinking. I actually I also got the audiobook for free from and It was so good. Because it is the actual author reading it to you. I highly recommend this book, either audio or book. You will be blessed!

Big God: What happens when we trust Him by Britt Merrick
After everything that has happen to his beautiful little girl, Daisy Love. She is 5 years old and with cancer. But Britt shows us how to have faith, in everything. Not just simple kind of faith. But true, amazing and inspiring faith that can ONLY come from God. Faith like all those great men and women in the Bible. Awesome book!

Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff
You know why I even got this book? The cover is hilarious! It shows a guy and a girl doing there “Christian” side hug. Then I started reading it and could not stop laughing! I love when people are smart and funny like the guy who wrote this. He is hilarious! I get this tweets all the time. Being a Christian doesn’t have to be boring. Jesus wasn’t boring. It can be loads of fun 🙂

Redeeming Love: A Novel by Francine Rivers
This book was actually recommended by one of my friends. And honestly, I could not put it down till the last word on the last page! It was that good! I really do believe that every Christian women should read this book. It’s not just about being redeemed. But also about the love that is unconditional that God has for us. His love, cannot ever be replaced by anyone. Or anything you have. It based on the book of Hosea from the Bible, but of course more modern. I highly recommend this book to anyone. On a side note, one of the main characters, Michael Hosea he is the MAN!! I secretly had a book crush on him 😉

24 Hours that changed the World by Adam Hamilton
This book takes you to the night that Jesus was crucified. It is very well written. At times, I had to stop and just imagine everything He went through. Amazing book! It was tough to read at times, but it was like the movie, “The Passion Of Christ” I still watch it with only one eye open and a box of tissues.

I am Nujood, Age 10 and divorced by Ali, Nujood, Minoui, Delphine
The cover got me with this book. The face of this really pretty young girl wearing a black sari on her head. Then I started reading the first couple of chapters and I was so taken back and I could not imagine this happening to this little girl. Forced by her father to marry a man three times her age, young Nujood Ali was sent away from her parents and beloved sisters and made to live with her husband and his family in an isolated village. I wont tell you the rest, but seriously this book is such a huge eye opener. It is based on a true story. Highly recommend this book.

Sarah’s Keys by Tatiana de Rosnay
Again, I usually judge a book by its cover! I am guilty of that. I was drawn to the cover of this book and when I found out that it was World War II Paris, I started reading the first couple of chapters. Sarah’s Key is a dual-story told from both 1942 and 2002. The novel begins in July 1942, when Sarah, a ten-year-old Jewish girl is arrested in Paris with her parents during the Vel’ d Hiv’ roundup. Her story is alternated with the story of Julia Jarmond, an American journalist who lives in Paris and is assigned to write an article for the sixtieth anniversary of the roundup. In her journey to discover the truth and what happen to those that were never really found from the Holocaust, she also discovers horrible details that went on and the life of Sarah. Such a good book and really well written.

enjoy to read

So for now, those are some of my faves in reading. Hope y’all liked my little list. I will be blogging more books in other blogs. (believe me I have MORE)


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