the reason for this season

Lately I have been feeling like someone has hit the fast forward button in my life, but I am still in the pause mode. It might be because this school semester is coming to end soon or that Thanksgiving was just a week ago and now it’s Hanukkah, and soon Christmas. I just need to keep reminding myself what this season is all about. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some good shopping! But I wasn’t wild enough to stand in line in the cold and get that 32 inch flat screen and wii for like dirt cheap! Although, those deals looked great on paper. I did go with my little cousins later on in the day and see the left over black Friday deals, they were all gone of course. But you know what was the highlight of that day? Hanging out with my cousins and going out to lunch and just being with them. Sharing with them the love of Jesus and telling them the true meaning of Christmas. We watched a dvd and then had lots of leftovers for dinner and then some ice cream for dessert. It was such a lovely evening 🙂

the reason for the season

You know it is rather hard not to get distracted with the lights, and urgency of the season. But before we know it, it will be all over. So this year, I want to take that extra time to savor in the moments that Christmas brings. I know it sounds a little corny, but it’s true. I want to take more Christmas pictures, I want to go get our Christmas tree together and decorate it. I want to sit next to the chimney and talk to my family and soak in this season. As I saw this Christmas calendar at target the other day and it has just the month of December and the BIG day of course, Christmas day was in the middle. That very special day is the BIG day! It is the day that Jesus of Nazareth was born! YAY! Jesus is the reason for the season!


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