death by chocolate and a little video

So Christmas Eve is exactly one week from today! WOW! It came fast didn’t it? People at work keep asking me, “So are you ready for Christmas yet?” Ready! Nope. Well, we got our lovely tree like two weeks ago, I wanted to do that before finals. But I haven’t done any shopping or sent out my cards….yet. But it’s okay, I ALWAYS do this! I am one of those crazy last-minute shoppers that are running around at the mall looking for those “deals”. Then I get home, and my mom wants me to wrap ALL the gifts she has bought!

I also told my little cousins I was going to make my death by chocolate for our Christmas dessert. It is soooo GOOD!! It is so easy, you get yourself a big clear bowl, and you need instant chocolate pudding, chocolate cake, cool whip, and heath bars but all cut up in pieces. You can use different chocolate bars, I have used, skor bars before, but I think that mix of caramel and chocolate bars are the best and it makes the dessert that much YUM! Then you layer it, first the chocolate cake cut in pieces, then the chocolate pudding, then the cool whip and you top it off with the heath bars and repeat the process till your all done. It looks all nice in a clear bowl, and believe me you will be in chocolate heaven 🙂

Well, my finals are all done! Took the last one yesterday so NOW I can enjoy my winter break. YAY! Work is still hectic and busy but thank you Jesus that I have a job in this economy. Don’t forget Jesus is the reason for this season!
I read this psalms this morning. “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever.” Psalm 136:1-2
All my Christmas music is in full effect! Here is one of my favorites from the BEST band ever! U2! Have a great Christmas shopping weekend 😉


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