goodbye, Christmas

Another Christmas has come to an end and it went super fast didn’t it? But I was so blessed! I had lots of family time and it was just awesome! It is nearly midnight and I was getting sleepy but I had me some tea so now I’m wide awake! It’s okay though, I have the day off tomorrow because It’s my “little” brother’s 24th birthday. I cannot believe he is going to be 24. Where does the time go, right?!

Change often happens with time, of course. But I have my moments of just stopping and asking myself, “wait, when did all this happen.” In a good way though. We ate a delicious ham that my dad prepares every year, and some BOMB tamales from everywhere. I honestly think I have been in a tamale coma since Friday! We watched movies, and had hot chocolate, opened gifts, and gave hugs, and had talks, and lots and lots of laughs till we were in tears! THE BEST! I stayed in my new gap pjs ALL day on Christmas day and I loved it! Here are some pics from our Christmas Eve with the family. I pray y’all had a very blessed Christmas with your loved ones. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!

Toto and mom

the parentals and me

Toto and his gifts 🙂

poppa and toto

the girls and brownie


2 thoughts on “goodbye, Christmas

  1. April Hawkins says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! We have enjoyed family but still are celebrating. My son and fiancee are here a few days and then we all travel South to have Christmas again w/ my folks…the fun is just beginning!

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