Praise, seek, trust and thank God!


When you have that peace that comes only from Jesus. It really is such an amazing feeling! Just like scripture says, “not the peace that the world gives.” When we have a troubled heart, the only one that can calm it, is Jesus. I am living proof that God can restore a broken heart. Give me His Grace and His love for others that I never had. He continues to show me to love others the way He would. I am not saying that my life is perfect or that I am. I fall all the time. But I get back up and ask God to show me, to guide me, to direct my paths. He has me where He knows I should be in this season of my life. His plans are better than mine.
If you are struggling right now. And you have that troubled heart, I urge to seek Jesus. Ask Him to help you. He is already right there with you listening to you and loving you. Any prayer request please email me



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